Facebook Privacy: Chats Are Being Scanned By A CIA Funded Company

During the testing of an application we’ve set up in a non-published area we have noticed some unusual activity. The link for the app was sent via facebook chat and afterwards comes the interesting part:

Lots of IPv6 for a single facebook check.

We went a step further. Forced IPv4 and tracked logs for an URL that was freshly created and sent via facebook chat.

x.x.x.x were our IP addresses and after the facebook checking the link there was no activity for ~3 minutes. As it can bee seen from the logs next hit was with “Recorded Future” signature (here we’ll disregard two hits that were made from US/Illinois 16 minutes later even though it’s not anything related to our company or area)

Search for terms “facebook chat scan” gave us this result: http://mashable.com/2012/07/12/facebook-scanning-chats/, but in this case it’s a third party. Company unrelated to Facebook.

Recorded Future is an American-Swedish startup backed by both Google Ventures and American intelligence agencies. ”

They also claim:

Considering that they were crawling links that were not published anywhere else and only sent via FB chat “open Web” seems to be an understatement.

Also, the interesting part is that recent focus of “Recorded Future” are terrorist groups such as ISIS, cyber criminal organizations and any kind of “public” internet activity that’s related to possible threats.

Conclusion would be that the privacy on facebook does not exist and their lawyers covered it well with EULA and their privacy policy:


Installing Icinga2 (fork of Nagios) on Debian 7 (Wheezy)


Icinga is a fork of Nagios monitoring system. There are lots of changes and upgrades compared to Nagios, especially in version 2. The main visible difference is UI which is built on ext js. Other significant differences are in hosts and services definitions (it will be covered in part 2).

For this tutorial we’re going to use Digital Ocean smallest droplet with installed Debian 7.8.

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