Installing Icinga2 (fork of Nagios) on Debian 7 (Wheezy)


Icinga is a fork of Nagios monitoring system. There are lots of changes and upgrades compared to Nagios, especially in version 2. The main visible difference is UI which is built on ext js. Other significant differences are in hosts and services definitions (it will be covered in part 2).

For this tutorial we’re going to use Digital Ocean smallest droplet with installed Debian 7.8.

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Pro tip: How to repair an Ubuntu system with a Live CD

Few days I ago, I had a funny situation. Colleague of mine accidentally executed:

so instead for current directory  ./*  he changed owner for entire root file system. Sure, he tried to change back owner to the root:root , but root did not have any permissions anymore, since  /bin  is owned by another user.

Fortunately, this kind of  mess on Linux systems we can fix very quickly using Live CD. So reboot your system and run Live CD. Continue reading Pro tip: How to repair an Ubuntu system with a Live CD

Virtual hosts overlap on 443, the first has precedence

Apache2 LogoToday I got strange error on my production server when I tried to enable SSL on three domains. Since I use ISPConfig as hosting control panel I assumed it will work without problems. But I was wrong. I did little bit of research on this topic, and I found a simple solution.

If you look at /etc/apache2/ports.conf file, you will see:

This way Apache knows which virtual host to serve based on the different host names. And it works fine for *:80 port. But, for 443 port it’s disabled, so you need to update ports.conf as follows to make it work:

Make sure to restart Apache and it will work fine.

I hope this tip will save you some time.


More about Apache2 virtual hosts you can learn here. Other useful links I found while I was looking for solution:

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