Installing Icinga2 (fork of Nagios) on Debian 7 (Wheezy)


Icinga is a fork of Nagios monitoring system. There are lots of changes and upgrades compared to Nagios, especially in version 2. The main visible difference is UI which is built on ext js. Other significant differences are in hosts and services definitions (it will be covered in part 2).

For this tutorial we’re going to use Digital Ocean smallest droplet with installed Debian 7.8.


We’ll use debmon repository

At the end of file “/etc/apt/source.list” add the following entry:

Repository key:

Now run:

If there was a kernel upgrade (like in my case), reboot the server before proceeding to the next step.

Icinga and nagios plugins

Starting the service
We also want icinga integration with the database.

Install MySQL and IDO-MySQL

And enable manually ido-mysql:

Icinga Web

Choose dbconfig-common for db setup and it will prompt you for web interface password.
After the setup icinga-web will bi available on: http://SERVER/icinga-web/

password: (set during the installation)

There seems to be a bug in icinga-web package from debmon.

Screenshot from 2015-03-19 14:07:33

After checking with chrome inspect tool, the url with this issue was:

The issue is in config file that is (for some reason) used for db connection:

Line 39:

Change with data from:

Line 90:

Change with data from:


In the next part of this tutorial we’ll go through configuration for new hosts and services.